Oinarin dance group from Usansolo, located in the county of Bizkaia, The Basque Country, made its first steps in 1995.

The group comprises of individuals from Usansolo and surrounding villages, including 30 adults, 10 musicians (“txistulari”, “trikitilari”, “akordeoilari”, “txalapartari”, “albokari”…), 80 children and 14 “Zanpantzar”; and is supported by the help of more than 170 members of the public and private associations.

Oinarin was created with the sole aim of maintaining and promoting the culture and folklore of The Basque Country. The main philosophy of the group defends the folklore as the best way to define the culture of a society, and traditional dances and popular activities are a good example of this fact.

The annual agenda of the group is wide enough to accommodate a number of activities such as: “Olentzero”, Local Carnivals, Traditional Basque Wedding, local festivals, International festival of Usansolo, “Dantzari eguna”, Festival of Bilbao, and a number of dance and music performances in surrounding towns.

In addition, Oinarin dance group has always tried to spread worldwide the culture and traditions of The Basque Country by means of taking part in prestigious international festivals, which include Holland, Scotland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain and Belgium.

At present, the “Zanpantzar” and a college of music complete the group.

Finally, It must be highlighted that Oinarin forms part of “Euskal Herriko Dantzarien Biltzarra” and “Euskal Herriko Joaldunen Elkartea”, well-established and recognised associations in The Basque Country.

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